Infinant’s Own Sarah Howell Discusses How Infinant Thinks About BaaS

November 30, 2022 — In an interview with BaaS talent advisory firm, Travillian, Infinant’s Sarah Howell, provides a glimpse into how Infinant thinks about BaaS and embedded finance, the evolving macro trends informing infinant’s strategy and platform development, the prepaid model that evolved into the most common BaaS model today, and the impact of digital supply chain disruption in the financial sector. Sarah also shares how banks can attract and retain BaaS talent. In addition to listening to what she says, pay attention to how she thinks, because embedded finance and BaaS models are evolving too quickly to risk stagnation in what to think mindsets.

Enjoy the TravillianNext podcast.

  • Press Release
  • October 4, 2023

Infinant Sponsors CCG Insights Report on “Reimagining the Last Mile in Banking”

The CCG Insights report dives into the evolving banking landscape, emphasizing the shift from traditional models to multifaceted distribution.