Embedding Finance in Everyday Events. Let's Go.

The modern finance platform to allow banks to thrive in the new landscape of composable finance, to offer financial services in ways that are secure, compliant and bring value to your business.

Composable Finance In the Cloud.

Modern finance infrastructure that puts the focus on the customer (hint: not the product). See how our developer power tools allow you to compose banking and fintech features into your applications.

Core Transformation In Weeks.

Our stack can stay above-your-core with virtual accounts tied to our virtual ledger, so you can launch new programs fast with independence from legacy systems and replace high-expense cost models.

Interlace Platform

The Right Approach. Platform.

As a technology company born out of the digital-first age, we value the importance of delivering a platform approach to provide seamless, secure, and reliable digital features.

Modern Finance Infrastructure on an event-driven technology stack

Leap over hardened, legacy API interfaces and file extracts to a native-cloud solution that interlaces content provider services and products in real-time.

Developer power tools

Benefit from built-in tool sets that automate the digital orchestration and data mapping of feature journeys with generated code.

Composable integration

We provide a platform that interfaces to core banking, processors and fintech in a manner that decomposes banking and allows you to re-bundle blocks into meaningful features.

Marketplace ready

Improve stickiness with your customers by launching a marketplace of interconnected services and fintech, all within the same platform.

Bank-controlled in the cloud

Benefit from having control over your own banking-as-a-service platform and owning the customer relationship, customer data, and compliance.


An open platform that gives you the ability to choose your account structure (on core or virtual), your fintech partners and processors, and even your bring in your own UI.

Become a Tech Bank

The Modern Platform for Banks

Experience the resurgence of personalized finance with Infinant Interlace, the compelling full stack event platform for embedded finance.


We enable banks and enterprises to build new applications leveraging open banking APIs that connect directly to core banking systems, processors and fintech – powered by our automated data and service orchestration power tools.

  • Real-time to core system
  • Above the core with virtual accounts
  • Powering bank networks

Embedded Banking

We enable financial institutions to package and deploy banking features into non-banking applications such as business-in-a-box applications, practice management solutions, and employer applications.

  • Account and Payment access
  • Embeddable feature panels
  • Maintain customer stickiness

Embedded Fintech

We enable fintech and banks to collaborate to offer products and services via our white-label marketplace, allowing your end customer to subscribe and enroll in fintech features to drive stickier relationships and referral revenues.

  • White-label marketplace
  • In-app enrollment
  • Pre-fab studio

Built With Developers in Mind

Developer First

Start with a Sandbox

We talk your language. We provide fully published event-based and API content to get you started, and have the support to partner with you through your fintech launch.

Quick Start Guides

New to financial services? Our brief guides can provide the direction you need to develop your use cases.

Ready for Launch

We partner with you from testing to production readiness, ensuring you are deploying for success.

Drive Business. Increase Revenues. Simplify.

Infinant Possibilities Await

Drive new revenue by rapidly reconfiguring product offerings and business models on an event-based cloud platform, that simplifies your path to success.

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