Technology for Entreprenuers. Entreprenuers for Finance.

Infinant is a Charlotte, N.C. based technology company, focused on providing a platform for the future of finance, with an infrastructure that can scale secure digital ecosystems.

Why Infinant?

Partner with an enterprise team that has been there and improved that. Our team has deployed digital platforms for many years, from community banks to global financial institutions. We have strategic backing by leading global financial institutions, and a leadership team with 30+ years in successful fintech startups and giants. We are platform oriented to avoid flash-in-the-pan point solutions.


Our vision is to enable our customers to thrive in a new landscape of helping brands offer financial services in ways that are secure, compliant, and bring value to their core businesses.


Our mission is to deliver a technology platform that enables our customers to build secure and sustainable digital ecosystems.


  • Build trust and success that make employees and customers for life.
  • Create an environment of equality, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Develop the instinct to do the right thing.
  • Innovate without boundaries.
  • Contribute to the global development community.

Working at Infinant

Make an Impact

Infinant is an entrepreneur-driven company of diverse technologists, analysts and leaders that have been brought together to improve every day lives. We’re product people at heart, with an exacting focus on not just ideas but innovation.

Come join us in creating a positive impact with your fellow peers here at Infinant. We value diverse teams in our agile environment, and are continuously sharing opportunities to bring in talented individuals to move our platform forward.

And if you find yourself in Charlotte, swing by and chat in person!

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Product Specialist

Full Time - Remote

Do you have specialized expertise in financial services and are you looking to enhance your career in a fintech environment? We would love to white board your ideas and grow our team with visionary talent.

Senior Full Stack Developer

Full Time - Remote

Are you a technology guru looking for new challenges in full-stack development from the UI to back-end Java-based services and event-based architectures? We would love to touch base and talk shop.

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Modern Connectivity

To the Vibrant Financial Ecosystem

We provide a collaborative platform for fintechs and banks to connect.

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Investing in the Future of Finance

Infinant is backed by global strength in the financial services market and partners with those who share the embedded finance vision.

FIS Global

The strategic investment represents a significant partnership that will open the market and accelerate the ability for brands, banks and fintech to collaborate in ways that are secure, compliant and bring value to their core businesses – with the trust and confidence of FIS, the global fintech leader.


"Embedded banking and embedded fintech are core themes that we invest in, and our bank network has been asking for a solution just like Interlace. Infinant is reimagining what it means for banks to offer BaaS products to their clients, and we're very excited to work with Infinant to make Interlace the new standard in BaaS" - John Philpott, Partner at FINTOP and a member of JAM FINTOP Banktech’s investment committee

Drive Business. Increase Revenues. Simplify.

Infinant Possibilities Await

Drive new revenue by rapidly reconfiguring product offerings and business models on an event-based cloud platform, that simplifies your path to success.

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