The Interlace Platform

Stay Above the Core

Enabling banks to thrive in a new landscape of embedding banking and fintech
into digital applications in ways that are secure, compliant and bring value
to their business – without being tethered by legacy systems.

Platform Benefits

Connectivity with Purpose

Modern connectivity on an event-drive technology stack that leaps ahead of legacy API interfaces and file extracts, giving a cloud-native solution that provides choice to connect directly to your core banking platform, our interlace virtual accounting module, and to industry fintech providers for a cohesive business model ecosystem.

Access to Core Banking

The ability to have real-time connectivity to your core banking platforms, allowing you to maintain processes, policies and systems that drive your core business today.

Virtual Accounts & Ledger

Ability to run “above the core”, utilizing the interlace virtual account system to store customer account and transactions on our virtual ledgering system to get to market faster and reduce your cost-per-account.

In-App Fintech Marketplace

Take advantage of direct connections to fintech that have already onboarded onto the interlace platform and use the studio tools to easily brand and enroll to get to market faster.

Access to Original Content

We take the burden off you with built-in platform features that handle entitlements, authorizations and limits, settlements, billing, and more, all from our interlace console.

New Business Models at Reduced Costs

Opening Access to Content

Our Interlace Platform provides the infrastructure that allows financial institutions, brands and fintech to not just offer products, but also create new business models at reduced costs.

Content Access

Customer and product content is critical in building feature sets that provide just-in-time financial options to customers in their everyday lives. Our platform makes it easy to access data within standard open finance APIs that can be consumed directly by your applications.

Content Bundles

For a given industry, data can be organized using common entities that house relevant data to support customers, accounts and transactions. Our Content Bundles provide interfaces to these normalized data sets, simplifying your access and mapping to your user experiences.

Feature Packs

Differentiating your user experience is vital to your brand. We make it easy to embed content using our Feature Packs – content and features organized by Customer, Account, Money Movement, Card and more. Build your digital banking, brand app, or super-app use cases through these Feature Pack options.

Consumer Control

Give your customers control as to how, when, and to whom their financial story is shared. Have confidence that as your digital ecosystem of banking, fintech and commerce components grow, your customers are still in control and maintain their trust with you.

Developer Friendly

Developer Power Tools

The interlace platform includes developer-friendly tools that accelerate your launch to market and takes the burden off your technology teams - tools that fit your needs.

API Portal and Console

Build with normalized API and data models.

White-Label Marketplace

Build digital flows with automation and code generation.

Orchestration Studio

Inject pre-fab user interfaces bound to APIs for common UX.

Pre-Fab Studio

Direct-to-publish from the studio to your customers.

Our Motto...

Keep Building!

We are developers too. We continually strive to provide the platform, tools and content to move our industry, our customers, and our employees forward in ways that exceed all our expectations.

Fast Code

Mock Containers, Fintech Studio

Feature Surface

Embedded Widgets, Feature Bundles

Content Surface

Access & Transformation, Content Packs

Partner Network

Products & Services, Technology

Developers Start Here

Our Security Partners

Secure & Resilient

Infinant partners with industry leading companies to provide secure, resilient and available services that meet bank-grade onboarding including annual PCI and SOC2 compliance.

Drive Business. Increase Revenues. Simplify.

Infinant Possibilities Await

Drive new revenue by rapidly reconfiguring product offerings and business models on an event-based cloud platform, that simplifies your path to success.

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