The Interlace Platform

At the Center of Finance

Enabling our customers to thrive in a new landscape of helping non-financial brands offer financial services in ways that are secure, compliant, and bring value to their core business.

Platform Benefits

Connectivity with Purpose

Modern connectivity on an event-driven technology stack that leaps ahead of legacy API interfaces and file extracts, giving a native-cloud solution that interlaces content provider services and products for new business models.

Content Distribution

Consumable data is organized in Content Bundles, providing normalized interfaces to industry data. This allows Brands to select and swap content providers based on business advantage, but without impact to their user experience.

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS)

Built upon open banking and open finance schemas, non-financial customers can embed complete banking services into their digital applications, enabling new use cases linked to compliant bank accounts.

Embedded Finance

Expansion of content into additional finance verticals (brokerage, insurance, healthcare, payroll, housing, transportation, commerce), allows content consumers to mesh various financial content to deliver new business models.

Enterprise Fintech

The ability to embed discrete products or services that can be bundled into digital ecosystems, provides customers with the ability to select and activate content from a Fintech marketplace.

New Business Models at Reduced Costs

Opening Access to Content

Our Interlace Platform provides the infrastructure that allows financial institutions, brands and Fintech to not just offer products, but also create new business models at reduced costs.

Content Access

Customer and product content is critical in building feature sets that provide just-in-time financial options to customers in their everyday lives. Our platform makes it easy to access data within standard open finance APIs (Financial Data Exchange) that can be consumed directly by your applications.

Content Bundles

For a given industry, data can be organized using common entities that house relevant data to support customers, accounts and transactions. Our Content Bundles provide interfaces to these normalized data sets, simplifying your access and mapping to your user experiences.

Feature Packs

Differentiating your user experience is vital to your brand. We make it easy to embed content using our Feature Packs – content and features organized by Customer, Account, Money Movement, Card and more. Build your digital banking, brand app, or super-app use cases through these Feature Pack options.

Consumer Control

Give your customers control as to how, when, and to whom their financial story is shared. Have confidence that as your digital ecosystem of banking, Fintech and commerce components grow, your customers are still in control and maintain their trust with you.

Serving Brands, Banks, and Fintech

Achieve More

Unlock new revenue streams and business models.

Content Providers

As a Content Provider, you have the ability to engage in a content network that expands the sphere of consumers of your products and services. Our Interlace Platform aims to lower cost-of-acquisition of products and services, aligning prevailing market use cases to selectable content providers that drive business value. Our content partners benefit from a modern distribution platform that connects needs with solutions, in micro-composite fashion that allows you to unbundle your solutions and re-bundle with others to drive your core business.

Content Consumers

Lift your brand. As a Content Consumer, you gain access to features, content, and services that can increase your agility in delivering user experiences that wow your customers, giving them “that was easy!” moments. Our Interlace Platform provides prefabricated content that you can embed, extend, and brand to strengthen your digital applications. We handle the infrastructure so you can focus on your customer’s experience. Our consumer partners benefit from simplified contracting, integration, compliance, and support across our content network.

Your Customers

We do this for our customers. Opening new avenues for content, technology, and features provides us all with the ability to re-imagine customer experiences. Having the ability to seamlessly mesh commerce, payments, insurance, transportation, housing, and more into our customer’s everyday lives, opens a vast potential of use cases to make their day easier, grow their loyalty to your brand, and expand their potential.

Our Motto...

Keep Building!

We are developers too. We continually strive to provide the platform, tools and content to move our industry, our customers, and our employees forward in ways that exceed all our expectations.

Fast Code

Mock Containers, Fintech Studio

Feature Surface

Embedded Wedges, Feature Bundles

Content Surface

Access & Transformation, Content Packs

Partner Network

Products & Services, Technology

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Drive new revenue by rapidly reconfiguring product offerings and business models on an event-based cloud platform, that simplifies your path to success.

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