The Interlace Platform

The Alternative to Core Replacement

Our cloud-native Interlace Platform eliminates the need for complex and costly core replacement and sidecar cores.

Cloud-Native | Resilient | Elastic | Disruptively Smart

The Platform Difference

Infinant Allows You To:

Have Control for Regulatory Compliance

Why outsource your banking controls to a third-party when you can maintain your operating controls and stay aligned with your regulators?

Have Control Over Your Economics

Choice in your platform providers, including Infinant partners, allows you to build an ecosystem that drives revenue and margins.

  • • Remove the middleware cost layer
  • • Direct contracts with brands and fintech
  • • Gain benefits of 10x savings via virtual accounts

Maintain Your Existing Infrastructure

The Interlace platform surrounds your existing core (and even BaaS provider) platforms to provide a capability layer to launch new digital channels without the complexity and costs of core replacement and sidecar engagements that lock you in and freeze your market.

  • • Real-time accounts and visibility above your memo-post system
  • • Ability to leverage existing fintech providers
  • • No Development nor IT burden on the bank

Easy to Start

The Interlace platform is true cloud-native, giving you the elasticity to launch pilot programs in weeks without long-term enterprise licenses or implementation fees.

  • • Pay for only what you need
  • • Monthly subscription agreement
  • • Platform costs modeled around your revenue growth


Interlace Console

Have complete control over your digital programs from a centralized Console that provides complete servicing for customer accounts, transaction monitoring and provides real-time visibility into end-user accounts, along with fintech and bank operating accounts.

Multi-Tenant Views

Built for the bank as the client, and fintech as programs, you have the ability to access either individual programs or the 'bank enterprise view' across all programs. The Interlace Platform supports both bank and fintech roles for program management.

Parent-Child Compliance Controls

As the bank, you dictate the parent-level compliance and fraud controls that each program inherits, ensuring you have consistent oversight and risk management.

Settlement Automation

Unique in the industry is our platform’s ability to handle your settlement automation across programs, program managers, and processors to reduce the manual burden in your back-office.

Customer Servicing

Real-time visibility to handle 24/7 customer servicing and support through our robust bank servicing platform. This includes real-time visibility into compliance controls, money movement, notifications and events.

This Makes Complete Sense.

Let’s Get Started

The Bank Bears No IT or Development Burden

The cloud-native platform, hosted by Infinant, eliminates the need for the bank to manage the technology stack.

Core-Free Capability

Lifting accounts above the core eliminates core dependency and core modernization projects by keeping a daily sync to bank operating accounts.

Speed to Launch

Have the ability to pilot the platform in weeks, engaging your internal teams and outside partners to speed up your time-to-revenue.

Smart Economics

Simple economics with a subscription-based model that provides minimal risk with a fee model that only grows if you do.

Our Motto...

Keep Building!

We are developers too. We continually strive to provide the platform, tools and content to move our industry, our customers, and our employees forward in ways that exceed all our expectations.

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Partner Network

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Our Security Partners

Secure & Resilient

Infinant partners with industry leading companies to provide secure, resilient and available services that meet bank-grade onboarding including annual PCI and SOC2 compliance.

Drive Business. Increase Revenues. Simplify.

Infinant Possibilities Await

Drive new revenue by rapidly reconfiguring product offerings and business models on an event-based cloud platform, that simplifies your path to success.

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