The Interlace Platform

Stay Above the Core

We are about creating value propositions for financial institutions.

Those banks that will advance the market, will have a platform to act upon (free of limitations),

and we want to give them the platform that allows them to act and advance.

The Platform Difference

Infinant Allows You To:

Compete with BaaS Providers

Retain direct relationships with Fintech & Brands to grow your core deposits, loans and non-interest fee income.

Control with Choice

Bank Rules are not changing; it is how they are enforced and at whose direction that is important. Regulators no longer will allow banks to outsource to BaaS providers.

Expand Product Offerings

You control the go-to-market products versus a partner that brings you to lowest common denominator.

Increase Program Profits

Removing the middleman allows you to gain revenue benefits and capture fintech fees, full interchange, third-party referrals.

Redefining Last-Mile Distribution

Modern Embedded Finance

The interlace platform includes digital-friendly tools that accelerate your launch to market and takes the burden off your and your client’s technology teams.

White-Label BaaS Portal

We make it easy to brand and open your fintech sandbox to allow your clients to plug into interlace services to pilot customers with KYC and KYB, accounts and fraud monitoring, money movement and AML and more.

Embedded Finance Prefabs

White-label prefabs that allow your clients to access your products and services beyond APIs to embed a feature by dropping in a library and method call to easily enable a compliant feature with white-label experience and API orchestration.

Interlace Console

Manage all your customers and accounts through our interlace console that gives segregated data access to allow the bank enterprise view, program manager view or fintech level view.

Interlace Studio

Unique in the BaaS technology space, our Interlace Studio allows Infinant to automate API orchestration and eliminate fintech hand-coding through low-code generation that allows us to minimize development effort.

New Business Models with Modern Infrastructure

Flexibility from Front-end to
Back-end BaaS

Where Bankers Get Banking Done

From DIY to the easy-button, Interlace provides you with the ability to compose product features or use out-of-the-box features.

Front-end BaaS

As you look to attract and retain direct customers, fintech clients or non-financial brands that own the last-mile, we provide a white-label BaaS portal to easily stand-up a modern entrance to your bank

Back-end BaaS

As a mature BaaS bank, if you are managing multiple processors and program managers – interlace can shift the manual burden from your team by automating processing and providing a program portal for your partners to self-serve.

BaaS Staying Power

Our platform provides the ability to handle program migrations and Living Will transitions to ensure your indirect customer can become direct customers, retaining your deposits and loans.

Our Motto...

Keep Building!

We are developers too. We continually strive to provide the platform, tools and content to move our industry, our customers, and our employees forward in ways that exceed all our expectations.

Fast Code

Mock Containers, Fintech Studio

Feature Surface

Embedded Widgets, Feature Bundles

Content Surface

Access & Transformation, Content Packs

Partner Network

Products & Services, Technology

Do'ers Start Here

Our Security Partners

Secure & Resilient

Infinant partners with industry leading companies to provide secure, resilient and available services that meet bank-grade onboarding including annual PCI and SOC2 compliance.

Drive Business. Increase Revenues. Simplify.

Infinant Possibilities Await

Drive new revenue by rapidly reconfiguring product offerings and business models on an event-based cloud platform, that simplifies your path to success.

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