Infinant Collaborates with FDX to Further Open Finance

June 6, 2022 — Infinant is excited to be a member of Financial Data Exchange to further the path of #embeddedfinance for Banks, Brands and Fintech.

Infinant is focused on enabling finance for financial institutions, brands and fintech in ways that create an open ecosystem of content providers and digital consumers. While many providers have repackaged their legacy APIs and called them “as-a-service”, infinant has built their cloud native platform from scratch, purposely for the finance-as-a-service market, including ensuring that connections remain in the open – following open banking standards being driven by the Financial Data Exchange.

This approach ensures that our clients are not hard-wired into proprietary protocols that limit their ability to offer new products and services in the future and allow them to scale with fintech industry leaders.

Infinant’s interlace platform provides access to content providers through their Content Packs, categorized data bundles that provide customer, account, money movement, card and product transactions. The Content Packs follow FDX standards to ensure interoperability in the open banking marketplace, allowing banks, credit unions, brands and fintech to easily share data, feature sets, and products.


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  • October 4, 2023

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