Infinant Releases the Latest Interlace Platform Content

December 1, 2022 — Infinant provides the modern technology stacks and power tools for banks to embed fintech in their applications and embed banking in partner applications with confidence and ease. The Interlace Platform differentiates by giving banks choice in their selection of features, fintech and processors for complete ownership of their ecosystem, so they can succeed with their customers, fintech and brands.

Infinant has released the latest feature set of their Interlace Platform that moves financial institutions further into their embedded future. Key highlights include:

  • Pre-integration to Jack Henry jXchange to support banks on Jack Henry core platforms that desire direct-to-core connections.
  • Pre-integration to FIS core banking platforms.
  • Ability to run “above-the-core” leveraging the interlace virtual account system.
  • Support for virtual ledgers including bi-directly multi-tenant abilities.
  • Expanded interlace Management Console features for banks and fintech roles.

The Interlace Platform provides banks with the ability to own their tech stack and remove the BaaS middleman – providing the bank with the ability to have full visibility to their customers, accounts and transactions to meet their regulatory and compliance needs with the uplift of greater economic benefits and direct brand relationships.

To learn more about staying above-the-core, visit

  • Press Release
  • October 4, 2023

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